Map 02

Map 02

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23rd Nov 2013, 3:28 PM

Just so you can see how far they have to go in The Dark Roads -- more than 200 km
The roads continue east for hundreds of kilometers...but that is another story.

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New to 'Crease' but loving it ...

14th Sep 2014, 12:16 AM

Greetings creators!

Opening line just for fun ... I stumbled on your comic through the Top Web Comics ranking, and to be honest, followed the 'R' rated thread.

I'm re-learning about all the different formats and styles and your offering has me locked in ... I'll probably binge read until I'm caught up.

Great work - I cast a vote in support, and will stay tuned for more ....

Many thanks, JG

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14th Sep 2014, 2:48 PM

Thank you very much!
This is my first attempt at a 3d webcomic so there's a lot of experimentation in the first few chapters but it's getting a bit better now.

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