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9th Feb 2021, 7:10 PM

If there are any computer wizards here I'm having a problem I need help with. My comp is making a continuous beep code and I understand this to mean that it is ram, gpu or mobo? I replaced the ram (x4) and the gpu with a new RTX 3070 but it's still beeping. Is there a way to diagnose the problem before I start replacing the motherboard? Also, is rendering images for this comic going to do any damage? It seems to be functioning fine other than the beeping.

I'm going to post something for VDSD 2021 on Feb 14th either way but I hope to get it fixed before then.

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9th Feb 2021, 8:02 PM

There are bios dependent codes. It depends on which bios you have. Maybe you can narrow it down here:

If it's otherwise working, it shouldn't hurt to use it, but save work often just in case.

Also:Yay page!

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9th Feb 2021, 10:52 PM

It's an Asus but the Asus manual doesn't mention that particular beep code. I found a ton of threads saying that it was a generic code for memory but nothing other than guesses.

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9th Feb 2021, 11:35 PM

Did you change RAM and GPU because of the beep, or did it start beeping because of a change? Sometimes changes cause a need for a bios update.

It's an ASUS board, but which bios version? The beep codes are different for different bioses if the ASUS manual doesn't cover it, it might be a newer or different bios version.

Is this what you have?

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10th Feb 2021, 10:42 AM

if it is continuous,, try replacing the motherboard battery (cr2032) ,, thats what went wrong in mine... i also replaced the ram, an reseated the processer fan...

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Xerxes Aragon
10th Feb 2021, 11:37 AM

My Asus motherboard has a 4 digit display that's supposed to show a code for any problems that crop up. A list in the manual would show what the codes mean. Barring that, contact Asus customer support via their web site.

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ASUS Beep issues

12th Feb 2021, 2:41 AM

What is the exact beep sound you are getting, besides continuous?
As in, how many beeps and their sound duration.
(like morse code, short beep, long beep, four at a time, etc.)

Also, what BIOS and version are you using in this Motherboard?

As for failures, they tend to be linear and soon after that, catastrophic, so this sounds more like a warning.

These alarms can also be caused by a Case Alarms, a failed CPU fan, or if you have RAID drives, a faulty RAID array.
I also assume you may are running Windows, so what is the output of the Performance Monitor?

(To start Hardware Diagnostic, click Start, click Run, type;
hwinfo /ui in the Open box, and then click OK.)
The output should be a very good starting point and guide to what is really going on.

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