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13th Mar 2017, 8:56 AM

I know that's no way to kill off a character. She hasn't been in the story for awhile and she just "pops" in like that. But she was a minor character anyway and now you new readers will have to go back and read some of the story to find out who she is. (She comes in at Chapter 7) :D

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13th Mar 2017, 10:55 AM


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14th Mar 2017, 6:59 AM

Pop goes the weasel!

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14th Mar 2017, 12:20 AM

Very nice to see you resuming the story, and it begins with a head crushing old demon freaking things out. What else you would expect? Nice to have you back (still waiting for Bidi though)

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14th Mar 2017, 7:05 AM

I'm still working up to Whiteout. I have to build new sets and that takes time.

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You are expendable.

14th Mar 2017, 6:25 AM

That's what I was told in Basic Training,so I'm at least a Retired Minor Character (U.S.A.F.- MSGT)but still available,unlike that terrible loss of some fine Eye Candy.

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14th Mar 2017, 7:37 AM

I think expendable may be the wrong word in this case because he didn't give the enemy a chance to kill her.

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14th Mar 2017, 10:21 AM

Disposable may have been more fitting.

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14th Mar 2017, 5:27 PM

I think "expendable" is correct, assuming he intended to accomplish something with his display.

She was "expended" like a round of ammunition intentionally fired as a warning shot or a signal -- used up in order to achieve some purpose of his other than to specifically damage the enemy -- probably to intimidate Valerius.

Now, if he was merely using her as a safe outlet for destructive urges and emotions with no greater purpose than indulging himself, that would be (IMHO) "disposable".

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14th Mar 2017, 9:44 AM

Ew... gross.

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14th Mar 2017, 2:51 PM

Tyranos is kind of naive in his thinking that emotions doesn't matter much, Emotions can turn victory to defeat enemy to allie. Good picturing how brutal malfunctioning he is thanks for a great story

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Kills score card

Steve O
15th Mar 2017, 2:24 PM

I'm going to count Sanni. First, she has a name, secondly she's made a lot of appearances and had a scheme of her own she was trying to pull off.

Also, I counted Breone and he only had a brief appearance.

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16th Mar 2017, 3:30 PM

Game of Thrones fan much?

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