Noemi Archibeque -- A child genius, she attended M.I.T. and received a Ph.D. at the age of 20. She surprised everyone when she turned down a lucrative career in spacecraft propulsion and enlisted in the Earth Space Federation as an engineer.



Lady Eloma H'Essalon Maria Carlotta Procopio -- The daughter of human missionaries. She is a member of the Dhar-Dhaka city council and Chief Adjudicator. She was taught to be an expert swordsman by her wife, Neela H'Essalon.



Liropia "Liri" of House Essalon -- Liri is the assistant and close friend to Eloma. She has the title of City Concierge of Dhar-Dhaka. She is an expert marksman with a bow.


Khamon Broqa

Khamon Broqa -- A Khamon is powerful witch that casts spells and heals the wounded in battle. She is the personal advisor to King Stollo.


The Minkie Kits

Kass H'Kranna -- The daughter of wealthy Minkie merchants in Dhar-Dhaka.

Princess Wrenna Stollo -- The daughter of King Stollo. Wrenna has an older brother who serves as an officer in the Minkie Navy. He is heir to the Minkie throne.

Mitri "Becky" of House Essalon -- Mitri was taken in by Eloma when her mother died.  She is somewhat of a tomboy and loves the writings of Mark Twain.

Bolly H'Babbock -- Bolly is a typical teenage boy. He is almost of "military age" and he will be drafted into the Minkie Navy next year.


Yokai Shiguri

Yokai Shiguri --  She is the daughter of King Shiguri and sister of Kuramata Shiguri, heir to the throne of The New Kingdom of Dalai. She is engaged to Yaochi but in love with her house servant Yumiko.



Mirrame Kurra -- Mirrame is The Royal Concubine and the most powerful Kurra in Dhar-Dalai.


Meigumi "Mei-Mei" and Nyanna -- Both serve in the Dalai's Nekomata; an organization of spies that keep tabs on everything that goes on in Dhar-Dalai. Meigumi spends much of her time in the city in her cat form and Nyanna is the primary messenger that handles cummunications with the Dalai.





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